Tech Entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey on Information

The primary reason why tech entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey decided to establish both Nova Tribune ( and Frey Robotics ( was based on the idea that information is power. The more people know, and the more they understand, the happier and more accepting they will be of the changing world around them. Information relieves anxiety and his two publications try to spread the best information in a unique way.

For example, Donald Kerry Frey set up the news site The Nova Tribune to fill a need. The news space was chock full of websites that presented news and information from the perspective of either one side or another. With Nova Tribune, Donald’s goal is to present the news in a way that approaches each and every issue with an even hand, presenting all sides of every story. Donald Kerry Frey sees the Nova Tribune News website as a viable alternative for news consumers who want to be informed through articles that reflect a great many fields and interests, but don’t want to experience the bias that comes from many other news sites. Nova Tribune assures readers that their point of view is just as important as everyone else’s.

It was a similar motive that led Donald Kerry Frey to establish Frey Robotics. That site is based on the notion that it is possible to inform people about the current state of technology and perhaps spark in them something that makes technology better by providing information that eases their minds about the role of technology development in our ever-changing world. That makes them less anxious about things like robotics, which will make simple tasks better and more efficient, meaning they make lives and business better.