Donald Kerry Frey Knows Tech Information is Important

On the day that Donald Kerry Frey established the news site Frey Robotics (, he did so primarily because he saw a glaring need for balance and fairness in the technology news business. He felt that it was unfortunate that tech news always stressed people out, especially when they discussed the area of robotics. They always discussed the loss of jobs and how difficult life would be in an automated world. Frey Robotics is based on the concept that it’s possible to inform people about the current state of technology without scaring them to death, something Donald Kerry Frey firmly believes.

With Frey Robotics, Donald Kerry Frey hopes to spark something in people that makes technology more innovative and friendly. More information about technology should make everyone far less fearful of the future. This is important because robotics and automation will move society forward and make life much simpler than in the past. People fear what they don’t understand, and information brings understanding.